Drive Classic

Drive Classic

Drive Classic

Jeep: Mad Driving is comeback once again with impassable obstacles on the Drive Classic tracks! A driving game in which you must try everything to cross the road.

Nothing has changed much. Again, difficult tracks and a rotten vehicle that breaks down frequently await you! On each track, we will use a different truck or vehicle. At each level, the features of the tracks can change. But don't be concerned about them.

It is not enough to simply press the gas pedal and drive through these roads. You must drive at a steady speed so that the vehicle does not tip over. You can drive through water, but if it flips and crashes, you will fail. This is only a small part of the series, which will continue with new stages. The next stage will undoubtedly be more difficult!


Controls with the arrow keys or WASD.

Use Space to retry and advance to the next level.

Drive Classic Tips 

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