Drive Mad 2: Winter

Drive Mad 2: Winter

Drive Mad 2: Winter

You can experience driving your potent four-wheel drive off-road vehicle through the snow-covered hills in Drive Mad 2: Winter. We are certain that you will enjoy the new sequel if you liked the first game in this amazing driving game series.

In the Drive Mad games, there are a variety of obstacles that you must avoid hitting in order to advance. Your objective in this race is to cross the finish line without suffering any injuries. You must maneuver large pixel trucks through icy and snowy roads in Drive Mad 2: Winter.

The ten challenging levels in this game increase in difficulty as you move forward. Throughout the course of the game, you can anticipate coming across a wide range of unexpected obstacles and traps.

It's possible that you'll need to try something out more than once before you're able to get past a challenge. Even when you are driving, you will have a good time. Use a variety of techniques to get around any barriers or potentially dangerous traps that may be in your way. 


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