Drive Mad 4: FarAway

Drive Mad 4: FarAway

Drive Mad 4: FarAway

Drive Mad 4: FarAway is the new version of Martin Magni's Drive Mad.

As you can see, the game mechanics are identical to the original Drive Mad version. However, the game has artistic changes and slightly new obstacles to overcome.

In Drive Mad 4: FarAway, the car can change from a normal car to a green wood truck, and from a wood truck to a monster truck, with each having a different speed compared to the original.

Drive Mad 4: FarAway Rules

To complete all levels, you must master the control of the car. It is up to your intuition to know when to accelerate and when to slow down. An obstacle may appear in front of you while you are driving at high speeds. You must remember such roadblocks and drive accordingly when attempting again.

How to Play

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