Bitlife is a thrilling text-based life simulation game that offers a wide range of options and totally unrestricted life choices.

What will one do with their life? If you've never given your life any consideration, now is the moment to do so. So you'll be investing your Bitlife in this game! You will begin your life as a newborn, with neither your gender nor your upbringing yet established. Explore all of life's phases in this enjoyable online game. Live your life one step at a time while discovering the globe.

Which route will you pick in Bitlife? Will you think outside the box, be always on the go, flirt with the law, and attempt to stay out of jail so you can make your parents proud with a decent degree, the perfect marriage, and children? You choose the narrative. Although there are many interactive narrative games available, this is the first text-based life simulator that can adequately recreate the tale.


Choose your option with the mouse.

Playing Bitlife should make you happy, successful, and have fun!

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