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Basket Random is ready to take you to a basketball universe full of exciting surprises! Can you defeat opponents with fantastic skills?

About The Appealing Sports Game Basket Random

A Basketball Game with Simple Gameplay

Basket Random is built around the traditional Basketball game rules. This helps players of all ages can easily understand the rules of the game. Everyone can start playing easily without any difficulty because the goal in the game is no different from the basketball we know: Throw the ball into the basket! If you love basketball but can't go to the field, enjoy the relaxing moments with Basket Random online!

The Random Feature Makes The Game More Attractive

On the other hand, the match did not take place in such a boring way at any point! The random unpredictability of Basket Random is the unique feature that contributes to the game's rise in popularity. Your character in Basket Random is that stickman basketball players have unpredictable moves. That is a completely random setup. The movements of the arms, legs, position of movement, etc, are all uncontrollable. So you need to control them and put the ball into the basket by helping the stickman jump at the right time to catch the ball. There will be very funny situations when stickman basketball players jump into the opponent's side, the players can fall on top of each other, or somersault out of the field.

How To Play 

Basket Random Rules

Like other popular Basketball games, the game's tasks are extremely basic: Put the ball into the basket and try to get more points than your opponent. Each round will consist of two teams playing against each other. You can choose a single-player or 2-player mode. The challenge will become more interesting when two teams collide to win the ball completely randomly. Your character will move on his own, so what you need to do is jump up at the right time to catch the ball and throw it into the opponent's basket.

Your leisure time will be so much more enjoyable if your buddies can join you so don't miss the 2-player mode. Fight hard to impress your buddies with your pitching abilities! Even if you play in single-player mode, because the AI ​​opponents are really strong, try to jump high and catch the ball!

Controls Guide

You can play solo or play with friends in team mode. To get points, try to jump high and fight with your opponents. Each time you put the ball in the basket, you get one point. The team that reaches 5 points first will be taken to the next level. See now how to use the navigation keys.

Single player mode

Use a “W” key to control. The player will jump up and touch the ball. Now, try to control so that you can put the ball into the basket correctly.

Two players mode

  • Player 1: Use the “W” key to control
  • Player 2: Use the “Up arrow” key to control

In two-player mode, you need to have good coordination with your teammates. It should be noted that each time you strike the ball, you should prevent allowing it to leave the court. If the ball leaves the playing area, the round is ended and all of your efforts in that round are gone.

Key Features of Basketball Random Game

As you know, this game is developed based on basketball, a familiar and famous sport. So you will not feel strange with the features designed in the game. However, what makes this game more attractive than other games of the same genre is the special features that are incorporated. That's why Basket Random has been chosen by many people around the world to experience.

  • Multiple game modes: In single-player mode, you'll be up against the computer. Your goal is to make the most of your chances to throw the ball into the hole. You can also play with friends on the same computer in two-player mode. 
  • Variety of basketball courts and costumes: This game allows you to experience a new space, with new arenas every round, as well as a variety of new costumes. It could be at the beach on a hot summer day or in the snow on a cold winter day. The matches could take place anywhere. 
  • Unexpected changes in the athletes’ body: The characters' arms will change as well. It can grow longer, shorter, or stronger. As a result, the force acting on the ball will vary with each level. You should be ready to hit the ball in the greatest method possible.
  • Different types of balls: At high levels, players are challenged with different types of balls. 

This game is unique due to its simple randomness yet consistent variety at each level. All of that promises to be an interesting entertainment game, helping you to reduce stress after a long day. Are you ready to start the match now?

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