Monster Tracks

Monster Tracks

Monster Tracks

Check out Monster Tracks right now if you like fast-paced all-terrain racing! We have a wide range of monster truck games for players of all ages.

You can go on an endless truck ride in Monster Tracks! Race through the course, collecting as many coins as possible while staying on all four wheels.

Drowning in a body of water, colliding with the ground/obstacles, or becoming stuck on an obstacle and attempting to accelerate or reverse results in a game over.

Monster Tracks Tips

Unlike most hill climb games, Monster Tracks only allows aerial movement in one direction. As a result, you must exercise caution when supplying power before jumping.

When you apply too much power to the monster truck, it will arch backwards, especially at first.

Slower is sometimes better, especially later in the game.

How to play

Tap on the screen's sides or bottom. Control the car with your mouse or the WASD keys. Get as far as you can and collect as many yellow coins as you can!

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Monster Tracks is playable on your computer as well as mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

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