2 Player Head Football
Play 2 Player Head Football

2 Player Head Football

2 Player Head Football

Among our collection of Soccer Games, the well-known 2 Player Football Head Game is among the best. In this match, two characters are once more vying for points. Depending on your game, you can change the participants, courts, ball, and time. To play football with football heads, are you ready? 

How to play

Select your preferred team first, then get to work managing your incredibly amazing player. You can choose from up to 20 different teams, and you will play against each of them. The game has two modes that you can select from single-player and two-player. Play this game and engage in bloody head-to-head combat with your friends, parents, or other supporters! 


  • Player 1: Use WASD to move
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys to move. 

Remember that completing each level in the 2 Player Football Head Game will give you more bonuses. You can employ perks to freeze your opponent or to make your character larger or faster. It sounds fantastic, right? Try to outscore your opponent and get the greatest score within the allotted time!