Ball Hit

Ball Hit

Ball Hit

In the physics-based puzzle game Ball Hit, you must move and align specific obstacles to make the basketball go through the hoop. 

It's time to play the thrilling physics game Ball Hit. Your goal is to guide the ball to the correct spot by manipulating items and shifting blocks to get it into the basket. Sometimes, all you need for success could be one well-planned rotation. Recall that the secret is to fine-tune your trajectory! You'll need to use all of your brains to advance because each new level will be a little harder to complete. 

How to play Ball Hit

The basketball realistically reacts to its surroundings; based on its falling motion, it will bounce off objects at the right speed. It is your task to consider the trajectory in detail. Make the necessary adjustments to all the movable parts to make it work. Click the blue platform the ball has been resting on since the beginning to finally release it. 


Use your mouse to play. 

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