Basketball Bounce

Basketball Bounce

Basketball Bounce

Basketball Bounce is a fast-paced, addicting game with difficult gameplay.

A b-ball is designed to bounce about, and that's exactly what this game is attempting. When trapped inside a walled space, the ball will use all of its bounciness to try to escape. But you are the biggest impediment! Can you score by keeping the basketball inside?

How to play

Jump towards the ball to grasp it, then release the key to shoot. You can even dunk if you jump near the basket and release the ball on time. The game allows you many possibilities, such as selecting your favorite team and playing in groups of one, two, or three individuals. Play a brief match from the menu or jump right into the play-off games!

Basketball Bounce Controls

  • Press space or D: Jump / Grab ball
  • Release space or D: Shoot
  • 2 player controls: D and J

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