Basketball King

Basketball King

Basketball King

Basketball King is a shooting basketball game with the most lifelike physics, giving you the best and most lifelike ball-firing experience.

As quickly as you can, try to put as many balls through the hoop. Anywhere, at any time, you can practice. Beat all benchmarks and opposition. You have three options in Basketball King: play, make, or take. 

How to play

When your team scores, you keep the ball until you turn it over or miss a shot and the opposing team gets the rebound. After each made basket, some players opt to switch possessions, depending on the level of competition. To shoot a ball, touch it and swipe it in the direction of the basket.


  • 3D graphics with realism
  • Engine with realistic physics
  • Additive gaming
  • 3 different ball upgrade options
  • 6 distinct environments (courts)

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