Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing

In the boxing game Big Shot Boxing, your goal is to advance through the ranks and end up in the Boxing Hall of Fame! 

Being a professional boxer in Big Shot Boxing

Aspirations can be dashed with a single blow, thus rising to the top of the world will never be simple. Select a fighter to begin with, get a coach, and pick up some moves. Keep your guard up and strike your opponent with a jab, cross, or uppercut. To stun your opponent in Big Shot Boxing, toss a superb combo. Win with a knockout or by amassing the highest number of points!  Enter the ring, personalize your fighter, and plan your route to victory in this game that captures the essence of boxing like never before.


  • Right-click to jab.
  • To cross, use the left arrow.
  • To uppercut, use X.
  • Z is used to obstruct.

Big Shot Boxing is an experience that reflects the passion and excitement of the boxing ring by fusing simple controls with engaging gameplay. It is highly recommended that you immediately check out our Boxing Stars and Boxing games if you are looking for other exciting choices in the sporting world.

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