Bobblehead Soccer

Bobblehead Soccer

Bobblehead Soccer

In Bobblehead Soccer, players compete against one another on a football field and attempt to push the ball into the opponent's goal.

Take on the roles of some of the biggest names in soccer. You will be able to choose from twenty different football players. Make an effort to reach level three. Take your bobblehead soccer heroes and move them about the field in the game Bobblehead Soccer. The goals should be kicked into the goal of the opposing team. To give yourself an advantage over your rivals, gather the power-ups. The game won't be that challenging at first, but it will get more challenging. 


To move, use the arrow keys or touch controllers. Try to outscore the opposition. 

Just hit the huge play button to get into the fun. Try Goalkeeper Wiz or Soccer Rush for more games similar to this one.  

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