Body Care Simulator

Body Care Simulator

Body Care Simulator

Welcome to Body Care Simulator, a calming and entertaining online game meant to promote rest and renewal.

In this ASMR Cleaning simulation game, enter a serene virtual spa and treat yourself to four opulent self-care procedures. A soothing foot spa, a pampering manicure, a nutritious lip care treatment, and a delicate ear cleaning are the four different pampering parts from which to pick. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of ASMR while taking part in these soft and absorbing activities. Allow yourself to be transported to a state of pure relaxation by the calming sounds and images.


To engage and take action, use the mouse to click or tap.

Body Care Simulator is a lovely retreat into the world of self-care, whether you want to unwind or just take time to relax. So unwind and enjoy yourself.

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