Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball

The one-button game Bouncy Basketball mixes the rewarding sense of outwitting an opponent with the unpredictable fun and addicting nature of 2D physics-based action. Are you prepared for the exhilaration of playing competitive hoops against one another? Look no farther than Bouncy Basketball, one of the newest games in our collection of basketball games. Simply put, you want to score more points than your opponent. Making baskets and dunking the ball are crucial to success.

How to play

Select your player character before you reach the court from a range of alternatives. Each has special abilities and characteristics. Play exhilarating one-on-one hoops where the object is to outscore your opponent. You must attempt to score by shooting the ball into the opponent's basket. To increase your chances of scoring, aim for accuracy and time your shots properly.


  • Using only the spacebar or the D key, you can quickly begin the activity. 
  • To shoot the ball toward the basket, release the keys once you've jumped as high as you can with them.  
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