Coach Fight!

Coach Fight!

Coach Fight!

In the brand-new rhythm game Coach Fight!, you take on the role of a professional boxer and deliver knockout blows in time with the music.

Are you prepared to dive into this thrilling adventure, which is modeled after the well-known and entertaining musical game Friday Night Funkin, and enjoy nonstop boxing to the beat of the music? To win the fight, pick your coach, enter the ring, and hit those notes. It's your moment to enter the ring as a skilled fighter and show off your amazing talent by throwing blows nonstop. If you want to win, feel the beat of the music coursing through your body and utilize your gloves and fists deftly.


To eliminate your opponent, press the right arrows when the timing is right.
You'll be on the edge of your seat as you spar in the ring with Coach Fight!'s captivating gameplay, upbeat soundtrack, and furious boxing action.

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