Dunk It Up

Dunk It Up

Dunk It Up

Basketball fans will enjoy playing Dunk It Up. Shoot baskets, get as many points as possible, get coins for making clean shots, and purchase new basketballs.

With the aid of a number of trampolines in the form of basketballs, you must propel a ball up a gigantic wall. To launch the ball into the next hoop, just pull back the net and unleash it. If you can connect a few, you can scale the wall and earn a high score. However, if you misfire even once, your ball will drop, and you'll find yourself back where you were before.

How to play

Observe the game's instructions when joining this game. 

This is a straightforward, enjoyable, and difficult game that will put your concentration and physics intuitions to the test! Simply drag to begin! With this basketball, overcome all obstacles and try to keep it in the air at all times! Test your abilities and earn points!

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