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Flick n Goal

Flick n Goal is a fantastic option for anyone seeking an easy ball game. To become an expert at every ability, launch the game in practice mode straight immediately. Still, scoring a goal into the opposing team's net is the ultimate objective.

About Flick n Goal

In the brand-new retro-style soccer game Flick n Goal, goals are scored by firing the ball. Because practice mode is constantly available for new players, the game will be suited for a wide range of players, from novices to professionals.

The gameplay of Flick n Goal 

The fundamental idea of Flick n Goal is to score as many goals as you can by kicking the soccer ball from different spots on the pitch. The shooting method, which requires players to swipe in the direction they wish to aim the ball, is simple to understand but difficult. For this reason, modifying the force used in each shot is crucial to scoring a goal.

Game Modes

  • In Arcade modes: You have three chances to shoot before they miss. Because you have to maneuver around other players and a goalie who is moving along the goal line, this mode will put your accuracy and consistency to the test. 
  • In Time modes: This option includes two different game modes: time challenge, in which you compete against the clock, and target practice, in which you must strike designated targets within the given objective.

Remember to get awards following each initial victory. You will get greater rewards as you advance in level. Make good use of it to get new balls and other awesome stuff.