Fruit Volley

Fruit Volley

Fruit Volley

In the brand-new, thrilling online game Fruit Volley, volleyball matches are waiting for you. This is the most recent game in our library of volleyball games.

You will see the playing field where your athlete and his opponent will be situated on the screen in front of you. The middle will be stretched using a mesh. The fruit used in this game will replace the ball. Playing volleyball with fruits is something you and your friend do together. By moving these fruits to the other side while carrying the plates on your heads, you attempt to score points. You must use character control to strike him and toss him to the enemy's side so that the fruit lands on the ground.


  • Player 1: Use W to jump, Use A to move left, Use D to move right
  • Player 2: Use the arrow up to jump, Use the arrow left to move left, Use the arrow right to move right

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