Funny Haircut

Funny Haircut

Funny Haircut

In Funny Haircut, go to the salon where your next customer is waiting for you. Can you make her seem amazing in this online game? Daisy wishes to modify her haircut and visits your salon for a makeover. Let's give her the greatest hairstyle possible!

There are numerous casual games with similar principles and visuals available. The range of instruments at your disposal is what distinguishes this unique girl game. You can be as creative, hilarious, or weird with your creations as you wish.

How to play

  • To select a tool, click or tap one of the sidebar buttons. Hold it and glide it through your hair to observe the changes in real-time.
  • To flip between the rear and front views, press the bottom right button.
  • To access all of the hairsprays, colors, and combs, use the arrows.

When you're finished, click the checkbox to continue personalizing the outfit.

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