Funny Tennis Physics

Funny Tennis Physics

Funny Tennis Physics

Funny Tennis Physics is the perfect proposition for those who want to have fun while improving their skills on the court. 

Every sports enthusiast will enjoy playing Funny Tennis Physics. This tennis simulator is not your typical one. In this game, everything is possible! All because of the entertaining physics that govern the game. In this humorous tennis game, be the first team to reach five points. It's funny to watch your players hitting their rackets so wildly. Even with the game's straightforward controls, winning matches still requires effort. 

How to play

Swing your racket and click to hop as you attempt to knock the ball back and forth. Learn the game's physics to gain an advantage over your opponent. Play in local two-player mode with a friend or against the PC. 

Basket Random is the game for you if you want to have fun and get better on the court. Enjoy yourselves!

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