Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World

In the 2D platformer Geometry Dash World, as a square, you have to make your way through different stages while avoiding many dangers.

Ten unique, short levels make up Geometry Dash World. These levels are divided into two worlds, Dashlands and Toxic Factory, each with five levels. These levels must be completed in order. Similar to previous iterations, the objective in this version is to use the cube to hop over obstacles. The cube will continue to advance, and it is up to you to assist them in avoiding any obstacles that could shatter them into bits. Have fun with this Geometry Dash game!

Features of Geometry Dash World

  • Action Platforming with a Beat! 
  • Do more than just fly rockets and defy gravity!
  • Make use of practice mode to hone your abilities!
  • Quick-paced gameplay and exclusive sounds

How to play

As you guide your cube to the finish of the level, stay clear of the spikes and other lethal obstacles.  


To jump, click or press the spacebar.