Gold Miner

Gold Miner

Gold Miner

In the online mining game Gold Miner, you must use a claw to gather gold. Nobody has gold, even though everyone wants it. Unless they venture out to extract the valuable metal. That's what this free Gold Miner game aims to accomplish for you.

The legendary puzzle classic game Gold Miner

Gold Miner is a classic puzzle game that came out in 2003 and was made by GameRival. You are in charge of a miner who uses a mining crank to dig for gold and get to the money goal. Instead of leaving your screen, you go to mines in the Wild West and use high-tech tools to get rich. The drill is, after all, just a claw that you stick into the ground and then wind back around. Making enough money to hit a golden rock is the goal of each level. You should also try to only grab the valuable treasures that are hidden in the dirt. Aim well, hit your goal, and you'll become Las Vegas's richest gold miner.


  • To release the claw, use the down arrow key or left-click on the soil.
  • To throw the dynamite, press and hold the Up arrow key or use the left mouse click.

Thus, why do you delay? Play Gold Miner to become wealthy and have fun.

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