Grimace Penalty

Grimace Penalty

Grimace Penalty

In the entertaining and difficult game Grimace Penalty, your goal is to score a penalty goal against a Grimace. 

In this thrilling and challenging game, he takes on a defenseless goalie in an attempt to score a penalty goal. You must precisely time your shot and aim for the right position in the goal to score. You must be fast and precise if you hope to defeat the Grimace because it will shift around. The game is over if you fail to score three goals. 


  • Play quickly: Short rounds result in action that moves quickly.
  • Goalkeeper in Motion: The Grimace's motions provide an additional degree of difficulty.
  • Strategic Shots: Scoring goals involves meticulous preparation and accuracy.
  • High Stakes: Each attempt to score increases the tension as missing three goals terminates the game.


To play this game, use your mouse.  

PC: You can use the mouse to click on the football and aim at the net. Mobile: Tap on the football and aim at the net, then swipe to goal.

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