Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a fun platform and road game. In your car, try to cover as much ground as you can while executing the odd amazing move and gathering any coins you come across.

Anticipate an amazing experience with nine distinct game maps and thirteen captivating vehicles. You can select from a variety of vehicles, such as Race Car, Monster Truck, Motocross Bike, and Jeep, just like in other Racing games. All you need to do in Hill Climb Racing is utilize the accelerator and break. By finishing unlocked maps, you can access the locked ones. Remember to add more features to your car, or use game cash to purchase new ones. 


  • New material, new stages, and new vehicles! 
  • You will face distinct obstacles and stages with wildly varied landscapes and dangers. 
  • Use upgrades, skins, and custom parts to tune up and fix your ideal car!
  • Take on the daily tasks and events to win incredible rewards!


On Desktop:

  • Press D or Right to accelerate. 
  • To speed in the other direction, press the A or Left key. 

On Mobile: 

Operate your car with the GUI buttons.

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