Hoop Royale

Hoop Royale

Hoop Royale

Your goal in Hoop Royale is to navigate a ring through a basketball that is bouncing. Acquiring proficiency in this demanding game with a basketball theme calls for accuracy and agility. 

In a match versus another player, the winner is the one who scores three points more quickly. Ideal for those who are constantly seeking novel challenges, you will need to surpass rivals from across the world in order to ascend to the position of supreme dunk expert. The controls are rather basic; to move your hoop, click on either side of the screen.


To play, move the ring around the game area by clicking or tapping. To get your ring through the bouncing ball is your objective. 

In Hoop Royale, the secret to success is to become proficient in quick movements and create your own timing rhythm. Avoid going too fast or too slow. It all comes down to striking the ideal mix between accuracy and speed. Recall that practice makes perfect.

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