Hoops & Fruits

Hoops & Fruits

Hoops & Fruits

Hoops & Fruits, the ultimate basketball puzzle game, is going to be a lot of fun! The monkey's basket contains enough fruit to get you through a hundred levels.

Earn points by making baskets and working through difficult riddles while sipping a tasty twist. Playing through more than 100 levels will keep you entertained as you go through progressively challenging tasks. Gain control over the game by honing your aim and utilizing power-ups to get past challenging obstacles. Hoops & Fruits is the ideal option whether you're a hoops enthusiast or just searching for an entertaining and captivating puzzle game!


  • Bright Visuals: Take pleasure in exquisitely crafted visuals and images for a truly immersive game encounter.
  • Lots of Levels: There are lots of difficult levels to complete, so there's always something new to master!
  • Enchanting Music: Captivating music creates the ideal atmosphere for gaming.
  • Simple Gameplay: This game is easy enough for players of all ages to enjoy with its simple drag-and-drop controls.

How to Play

To play, all you have to do is drag and drop the hoops onto the fruits that are on exhibit. Precisely try to cover as many fruits as you can with a single toss. Always keep in mind that your score rises with each fruit you successfully collect. As you advance through the game, you'll encounter increasingly challenging stages with lots of fruits and smaller hoops.

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