Impostor is a condensed version of the popular internet short story Among Us. You are actually playing the role of an imposter on this spaceship in this arcade game. You need to sabotage the ship and get rid of the crew in order to finish your mission. Can you eliminate the remaining members of the crew before they figure out what you're up to?

If despite how much fun it is to use your deductive and detection skills, your favorite part of playing the game is taking on the role of the impostor, then this is the perfect game for you. In this unrestricted version, you are always playing the role of the impostor!

How to play

To move, either click the joystick on the screen or tap the mouse to move the cursor.

Impostor Tips

Carry out tasks and move around the ship in order to sabotage the space mission and the ship itself. At the beginning of each round, the Crewmates will immediately break into a run to complete the tasks assigned to them. Think of yourself as being one of them.

Destroy the apparatus as well as the oxygen generator before the real crewmates have a chance to finish their tasks.

Control the movement with WASD or arrow keys. Perform actions by clicking the buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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