Inter Milano vs Manchester City

Inter Milano vs Manchester City

Inter Milano vs Manchester City

One of the newest games, Inter Milano vs Manchester City, is one you shouldn't leave out of your collection of Soccer games.  

You may take part in the fervor and fantastic atmosphere of Inter Milano vs Manchester City. The crowd shouts and team anthems in this game are real player chants. You will take turns shooting free kicks after first selecting which of the teams you wish to play for. Defending them from the computer-controlled squad.

In this game, you may choose the shot's angle, height, and strength. To move the goalie in that way while defending, you just need to touch.

How to play

  • Set the direction of your kick with one click.
  • To adjust the height, click once more.
  • To bend your shot, click one more time if required.
  • To argue: Once they appear, tap or click the gloves. 

Start right now! 

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