Ketchapp Basketball

Ketchapp Basketball

Ketchapp Basketball

The game Ketchapp Basketball is straightforward and entertaining basketball game. Just try to make as many consecutive baskets as you can; if you miss, the game is over.

To score, advance the ball toward the goal. There are four different ways to compete both locally and internationally. To access new balls, collect stars. You can improve your skills and become the master of the hoop in Ketchapp Basketball.

How to play

The controls are straightforward and completely functional. To make a basket, you just have to slide your finger across the screen.

In order for the ball to get into the basket while playing this game on the PC, all you have to do is use your mouse to draw the path you want it to take.

Game Modes

There are many different game modes available for play. The majority of the hints in this guide will be applicable to all of them; however, there are a few key differences between them.

  • Endless: Rack up as many points as possible before you get it wrong. Put all of these suggestions to use to improve your score and demonstrate to everyone how talented you are.
  • Time Challenge: Some sprinkling and hoping for the best. A ticking counter will give you a short amount of time in which to rack up as many points as you can. Although it is enjoyable for such a brief play, you shouldn't expect to receive a large number of stars for it.
  • Bounce: When playing Bounce, the force with which you swipe the ball does matter. In addition, you won't be awarded any points if you don't make contact with one of the bouncing pads before you shoot the ball through the hoop.
  • Multi Hoops: The Multi-Hoops bonus is a great way to increase your star total. In order to earn double points, you must first get the ball through the first row of hoops before moving on to the second row.
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