Legends Basketball Stars
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Legends Basketball Stars

Legends Basketball Stars

Legends Basketball Stars is a place where basketball stars can become champions. The game will no longer be bound by location or time. Come and conquer.

Get ready for Legends Basketball Stars, the ultimate basketball skill test, by donning your sneakers. Prepare to play hoops with some real hoops legends. Take in the excitement of 4 different gaming maps. Achieve shooting perfection and surpass opponents to establish yourself as a genuine basketball icon.

How To Play

How to Play

To play, aim and adjust the strength of your shot with the mouse. To make the greatest shot and earn the most points, perfect your timing. With each putaway, you advance through the game and get one step closer to becoming a legend.

Tips and Tricks

Remain calm, concentrate on your target, and carefully regulate the force of your shot. To make shots in a variety of scenarios, practice shooting from various angles. Recall that timing is everything for the ideal basket!


  • To move, use the left/right arrow keys or the AD key.
  • S key to pump/block and X/L key to shoot.

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