Mario Power Tennis

Mario Power Tennis

Mario Power Tennis

Come prepare for the Mario Power Tennis with Mario and his buddies! Obtain some experience and improve your abilities to emerge victorious!

About Mario Power Tennis

For the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo released the sports simulation video game Mario Power Tennis. Arriving in 2005, it is a follow-up to "Mario Tennis" for the Game Boy Color and a member of the Mario Tennis series. Every playable character has extraordinarily potent Power Shots, just like in the earlier Super Mario sports games. Playing aspects of role-playing games (RPGs) are mixed with classic tennis action in this game. In addition, the opponents in the game have access to a new power shot mechanism. 

How to play Mario Power Tennis

Aspiring tennis players that attend the Royal Tennis Academy are modeled after Clay or Ace. It is your intention to become the Royal Tennis Academy's finest player. You will need to put in a lot of training time and battle a lot of elite opponents to achieve this. As a result of the meetings and exercises, your player will get stronger. You may also help him improve his speed, punching strength, and ball control, as well as learn unique skills that will enable you to hit vicious shots on the court. 

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