Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online is a soccer game where you take penalties. Join the match right now with a single click!

You can play as one of 32 different countries in Penalty Kick Online. If your favorite team competed in the most recent World Cup, they're likely to be featured here. We're standing in the middle of a massive arena. Everyone is holding their breath because their favorite teams are competing. Are you prepared to be a great player and help your team win?


  • Live sound that is realistic
  • Each level's difficulty is increasing.
  • Try your hand at free kicks and goalkeeping.
  • Improve your vision for shooting and catching the ball.


Click and drag your mouse across the ball to take a shot as the kicker. Set as many goals as possible. Check our World Cup game for more interesting football games in 2022. You should also play Retro Goal, a fun game in which you work with your teammates to get the ball into the goal. 

Hopefully, your opponent does not outnumber you in goals. Best wishes!