Punch Bob

Punch Bob

Punch Bob

Punch Bob will make you a fighting king! Are you prepared to assume the role of Bob, the former fighting champion?

This game combines puzzles and wrestling. As the renowned fighter Bob, you will engage your foes throughout each main part's levels. Bob will have to battle a variety of foes in this skill game, from ninjas and gangsters to demons, robots, and imitations of Hulk Hogan. Your objective is to use your powerful, muscle-covered body to smash every enemy.

Kill all the enemies to complete each level, but watch out that Bob doesn't get thrown off the edge. Don't forget that you can spice up your game by unlocking new clothes with the coins you earn!

Punch Bob Features

  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • 3 game modes are unlocked by skins
  • Several levels

How to play 

  • To play, use the mouse.
  • To create a dotted line, tap Bob and drag.
  • Where Bob will jump Release to throw him is indicated by the dotted line.
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