Push The Colors

Push The Colors

Push The Colors

The game Push The Color has colorful gates, obstacles, and squares. It's a two-player casual game where you can discover different outfits along the way.

A fascinating experience awaits you when you decide whether to play as a single player or as a pair in this game! In Push The Colors, your main goal is to lead cubes through the labyrinthine landscape to the finish line, where the ultimate test is a powerful giant. At the end of the game, players can face the formidable color monster since their power increases with the number of cubes they manage to gather throughout the voyage.


  • Player 1: Move with AD and shove at the finish with W.
  • Player 2: To move and push to the finish, use the right and left arrow keys and the up arrow key.

Push The Colors combines strategy, color, and agility to create an engaging and thrilling gaming experience that enthralls players. Enjoy yourself immensely.

Player 1: Move Left/Right: A and D or LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS (In 1P Mode Only) Push at the end: W or UP ARROW (In 1P Mode Only) Player 2: ARROW KEYS Move Left/Right: LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS Push at the end: UP ARROW

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