Robot League

Robot League

Robot League

Welcome to the thrilling world of Robot League, where you'll have to steer menacing and lethal mini-robots throughout tense football matches! Test your reflexes, sprint across the field fearlessly hit the ball with all of your strength, and try your hardest to score a goal in the opposing goal.

Gameplay of Robot League

Your robot squad will be on one side of the field, while the opposing team will be on the other. There will be a soccer ball in the middle of the pitch that is a specific size. It will be up to you to try to seize it and attack the enemy's objective. You must aim for the enemy's goal by skillfully passing the ball between your robots and defeating your opponents. The ball will fly into the goal net if you aim correctly. You will score a goal and receive a point in this manner.


  • To move your robot, use WASD or the arrow keys.
  • To make your robot kick the ball, press the space bar.

Give your bots certain powers that they can only use by tapping designated keys.
The Robot League game's leader in points will emerge victorious in the encounter. In this game that flawlessly blends robotics with soccer, take on an addicting and truly unique gameplay experience while leading your team to victory. Enjoy yourselves!

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