Rolling Cube

Rolling Cube

Rolling Cube

Rolling Cube is an addicting game that you should try!

Can you assist the red cube in sprinting to the finish line while avoiding another load of obstacles? To color the routes, simply slide the blocks. However, in order to complete the level, you must sketch all of the paths. Simple to learn, yet difficult to master. There are hundreds of puzzles waiting for you to complete, which is great for stress relief.

How to play

Avoid getting hit by rolling ahead. Bring life to the world around you and disclose its splendors. Enjoy the stunning images as well as the soothing ambience. Fog and rain have amazing effects.


  • BGM that is both relaxing and appropriate for the scene.
  • A diverse environment, level, and game mode.
  • There are multiple accomplishment systems, as well as hidden eggs and ultimate eggs.
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