Rooftop Snipers 2

Rooftop Snipers 2

Rooftop Snipers 2

In Rooftop Snipers 2, players fight one other in fierce rooftop encounters while assuming the role of snipers. To stay on the roof, you will need to prove that you are a proficient marksman.

Play this exciting multiplayer action game where you may engage in heated duels on unstable roofs and outshoot your opponent by using precision aim and strategic movements. The goal is to fire your opponent off the rooftop and take out their entire team without getting shot yourself. Additionally, you can alter your playing field to create the ideal matchup. To engage in your epic battles and see if you can shoot your opponent through the ceiling first, unlock more characters.


Player 1:

  • Use W to Jump
  • Use E to Shoot

Player 2:

  • Use I to Jump
  • Use O to Shoot
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