Skibidi Basket

Skibidi Basket

Skibidi Basket

Skibidi Basket is a delightfully unique and odd game that blends aspects of the recent dance craze "Skibidi" with the traditional sport of basketball. 

It was designed as a lighthearted party game with the intention of amusing and bringing participants of all ages together. The game puts a humorous spin on the classic sport of basketball by taking place on a basketball court decorated like a restroom. Players will find themselves returning time and time because of the game's addictive gameplay and strategic decision-making. 

Features of Skibidi Basket

  • Hours of captivating gameplay in the vein of an arcade game.
  • An assortment of demanding stages that assess your agility and tactical reasoning.
  • Vivid visuals that improve the gaming experience.
  • A leaderboard system that lets you pit friends against each other.
  • An interesting idea centered on putting heads into restrooms.

How to play

You may drag and release Skibidi's head into the air and make it collide with the toilet using the mouse on PCs and your fingers on mobile devices. 

The secret is to carefully control both your shot angle and power. To improve timing, pay attention to the hoop's movement pattern. Recall that you only get three chances at every level, so make the most of them.