Slice Master

Slice Master

Slice Master

Fans of the ASMR game Slice Master can gently and calmingly slice through items. Just chop everything and watch where your knife lands. There are many of thrilling levels to complete. Let's see how good and fast you can slice different things! 

How to play Slice Master

Game Rules

You simply have to go through levels, cutting things to get points and dodging everything in your way. To earn high points, flip and leap the knife using space or a mouse click while cutting through targets. There are also hazardous items on the conveyor belt that you shouldn't cut while cutting anything else. During your first playthrough—which is a demo to provide you with instructions—you will get a warning. Should you run into them or drop the knife on the ground, the level will come to an end. 

Earn coins and unlock new knives

Every level will have a chance for you to raise your score. Naturally, though, subtraction, or division, boxes lower your score as well. It takes skill to hit score multipliers and stay out of score penalties. In any case, aim for the highest coin total to open even more awesome features. 

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