Soccer Free Kick

Soccer Free Kick

Soccer Free Kick

Soccer Free Kick is a completely immersive free-kick simulation game in which you stand over a soccer ball surrounded by a wall of towering defenders and an acrobatic goalkeeper attempting to stop you. Take a deep breath, aim, and curl the ball into the back of the net with style while swerving the ball in mid-flight to clear the wall and outwit the keeper.

How to play 

Swipe ahead with your mouse to kick the ball. After kicking, swipe left or right to manipulate the ball's curvature.

Choose one of the exciting free online free kick games and help your side win! The objective is to score goals. Select the ball's direction and speed, then press the button at the appropriate time! Have fun with our fantastic collection of the top free-kick games, which are always available online and for free.


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