Sumo Smash!

Sumo Smash!

Sumo Smash!

A humorous sumo game with smooth 3D visuals and quick gameplay is called Sumo Smash. Grow your sumo stature by becoming a wrestler for dominance and indulging in a sushi feast. Enter the strange realm of sumo wrestling with Sumo Smash! Consume sushi to develop your sumo wrestler. Open treasure troves to improve your skins. These wrestlers reject convention, accepting their round bodies and consuming sushi to build muscle. 

Key Features of Sumo Smash

  • A Different Kind of Sumo Fun: Accept the distinctiveness of sumo wrestling with plump, aficionados.
  • Sushi Feasting: Gather sushi to gain power and size, which will give you an advantage in the sumo arena.
  • Bump and Push: Approach adversaries and force them off the podium with calculated movements.
  • Podium Showdown: To win, stay on the platform and try to knock down your rivals.


To move, use ZQSD or WASD. 

Mobile: To move, touch, and drag your finger.

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