Thrill Roller Coaster

Thrill Roller Coaster

Thrill Roller Coaster

In the thrilling agility game Thrill Roller Coaster, you take control of a virtual three-dimensional roller coaster.

Gameplay of Thrill Roller Coaster

Players in this heart-pounding simulator press and hold to accelerate ahead and go at breakneck speed down a winding course. Reaching the other end of the track becomes an exhilarating task because of the extreme acceleration and velocity. But take caution—there are some obstacles on the track. You have to maneuver carefully to avoid unexpected stops that are spaced throughout the course. You will lose the game if you are unable to crash or simply fall off the tracks. Coins will be awarded to you based on your score at the conclusion of each session. These coins may be used to unlock nine distinct makeup skins!


To continue forward once you've started, press and hold the left mouse button.
Holding down the left mouse button will spin your character after you've flown off a ramp.

Prepare to let loose your thirst for speed and fervor in this exhilarating roller coaster experience! Put yourself to the test and see how you fare in our other skill games' difficult levels! 

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