Tricky Tennis

Tricky Tennis

Tricky Tennis

Play realistic tennis in Tricky Tennis and enjoy! Destroy your opponents by hitting the ball with skill and scoring as many points as possible!

Compared to other tennis games you've played, Tricky Tennis has a different gameplay mechanic. The goal of the game is to move the ball to the opposing side of the court without letting it fall to your side. Their appearance at the start of the game is determined by random. Will you be wearing grey uniforms, orange clothing, or something else entirely? 

How to play Tricky Tennis

  • Just tap to jump and hit the ball. 
  • Tap and drag to move your teams.

Try to time your hops and angles so that after the other team hits the ball back, you can take a second swing and bounce it back to their side. Let's make it tough! The first team to score 5 points wins! The most rounds you can play in are nine.

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