Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush provides the best experience for playing a single-player game in 3D. Click to start right away! 

Use your blazing to navigate your way through the caves and tunnels. At the beginning of each new level in Tunnel Rush, you are immediately thrown into a whirling kaleidoscope of perilous situations and 3D tunnels. When you play Tunnel Rush, the only tools you have at your disposal are your keyboard and your wits.

This is a simulation game based on physics, and it completely ignores geometry. In order to survive as a surfer, you have to adapt to the waves constantly shifting direction. Navigate your way through the challenging obstacles, which may be either static or moving at any given time. It's possible for obstacles to take the form of spheres, cubes, or triangles.

How to play 

During the course of the game, the ball will continue to advance even as unknown barriers materialize in front of us. You have to move quickly through caves and tunnels while avoiding obstacles along the way. Simply steer clear of the obstructions by staying away from the diamonds in the middle of the screen.


Let's take a look around this amazing game and break every record we can find. Put your friends to the test and show off your running prowess.

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