Ultimate Swish Game

Ultimate Swish Game

Ultimate Swish Game

In the basketball game Ultimate Swish Game, your goal is to rack up as many points as you can in a minute. 

The best basketball adventure is Ultimate Swish Game, which is just better than the other basketball throwing balls and strikes games. Before it's too late, start the task immediately and score the winning goal. Prepare to work up a sweat as you play this captivating basketball game! Can you score as many points in 60 seconds?

How to play

To start the game, click "play".

Click the mouse or use the space bar to stop the ball to take a shot. Once each for horizontal and vertical directions. Your chances of making the shot increase as you stop the ball closer to the center.

Tips for Ultimate Swish Game

  • The basketballs that are red, white, and blue are worth two points (instead of one). Spend a little more time on them to ensure that you get a decent shot off.
  • Speed is also crucial. You just have a little window of time to fire. You won't be able to shoot all of the basketballs if you move too slowly.

See how high of a score you can get by continuing to take shots! Give Basket Random and Swipe Basketball for an even better experience.

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