3 Point Rush
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3 Point Rush

3 Point Rush

3 Point Rush is an enjoyable basketball game with easy-to-use controls. With a single swipe, you are prepared to tackle the court. The game adds interest to basketball by offering a variety of balls and playing types. Take advantage of the chance to experiment with different game modes; they present distinct difficulties that enhance your gameplay in a number of ways. It's time to take on every player and emerge as the victorious winner!  

How to play 3 Point Rush

Selecting between the time attack and casual play options will allow us to begin the game. The game is quite simple and timeless: To earn a particularly high score, your objective is to make as many three-pointers as you can with the ball. The fact that you can only miss a set amount of time is what makes this game difficult. Therefore, try not to overdo it, as losing the game means losing all of your chances. 


To draw a line with which to shoot the ball, click and drag the left mouse button.

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