3D Billiard Piramid

3D Billiard Piramid

3D Billiard Piramid

In our 3D pool game 3D Billiard Piramid, we welcome you to the thrilling world of Russian billiards! Russian pool is a version with colored balls similar to those used in the pool. The game is known as pyramid billiards in Western nations or just pyramids in professional circles. Play against AI or with a companion in two-player mode, taking turns shooting.

How to play


  • Break the pyramid by striking first.
  • Select any ball and use it to strike another ball.
  • Only when your ball makes contact with another ball can it be pocketed?
  • To win, hit eight balls first.
  • If the ball went off the field or did not touch another ball, there would be a penalty of skipping the move.
  • The precision of the sight is impacted by the power of the strike.


This game may be played with either your mouse or your keyboard's arrow keys.

A realistic and immersive pool game experience is provided by 3D Billiard Piramid, which is a must-try for all pool aficionados. Now let's give it a shot! 

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