Among Us

Among Us

Among Us

With its exciting and clever gameplay, Among Us has become a sensation in the gaming world, enthralling gamers of all ages. Will you be able to finish the mission and stop the spacecraft from destroying the ship in order to keep it on its path and avoid disaster? 

Explore the world of Among Us

InnerSloth, an American game studio, that developed and distributed Among Us, an online multiplayer party game. The game was released in 2018, however, it only became popular in 2020. Players take on the roles of Crewmates onboard a spaceship or space station in this space-themed game. The Crewmates' goal is to fulfill chores throughout the map while attempting to identify and vote off the Impostors.

Key Features 

  • Impostors vs. Crewmates: There are Impostors and Crewmates in every game. To win, crewmates must finish missions; imposters, on the other hand, must sabotage tasks and kill crewmates covertly.
  • Personalization: Gamers have the option to add various colors, caps, and animals to their characters. Personalization is only decorative and has no bearing on gameplay.
  • Online Multiplayer: Online multiplayer games such as Among Us are meant to be played in groups of four to ten people. Gamers have the option to make private games for friends or join public ones.
  • Deception and Strategy: Both deceit and strategy are major aspects of the game. Crewmates must utilize inference to identify the Impostors, who must lie and manipulate convincingly.