Archer Defense

Archer Defense

Archer Defense

One of the best 3D online archery games is Archer Defense, so you should give it a shot right away.

All you have to do in Archer Defense is defend your area and prevent your enemies from breaching your defenses! You begin with just a bow, but as time goes on you can upgrade it. Strategically set up your defense utilizing upgrades like sentinels and barbed wire. You can improve the effectiveness of your arrows and gain a tactical advantage by making use of power-ups such as bombs, multi-shot, and freeze arrows.


How to play 

To fire, release the mouse button (left click) while you're still aiming. Eliminate as many stickmen as you can. Depending on the stickmen's color, you must fire the assailants at different times.

We wish you luck and fun and anticipate seeing you begin the game soon. Enjoy yourself as only this place can provide!

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