Archery King

Archery King

Archery King

Archery King is a game that allows beginners as well as experienced archers to test their skills. Have you perfected the use of the bow?  

Put your talents to the test by participating in one of the most intensely competitive archery games ever created. Archery King presents players with continually new challenges that must be overcome. To hit the most points with each shot, all you have to do is aim properly while taking into account the direction in which the wind is blowing. 

Fight in battles to increase your level and earn access to new venues, where you can test your mettle against the most formidable opponents yet! Solo play is available in 24 increasingly challenging levels. Put your friend's shooting skills to the test by challenging them.


  • There are two game modes.
  • A number of engagingly challenging levels.
  • A wide variety of offensive tools.


  • Just pressing and holding the left mouse button will get you started aiming. 
  • Drag the mouse to adjust the aim. 
  • To shoot the arrow, you must first let go of it.
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